ECCO 2024
Abstract Submission

Topic Keywords

1.Algorithm and Computational Design
2.Algorithm Engineering
4.Combinatorial Optimization
5.Computational biology, bioinformatics and medicine
6.Cutting and packing
7.Data mining
8.Development sector
9.Education and social networks
10.Energy production and distribution
11.Exact algorithms for combinatorial optimization problems
12.Financial sector
13.Game theory
14.Global optimization
15.Graph theory and networks
16.Healthcare and healthinformatics
17.Heuristics and meta-heuristics
18.Hybrid and regulatory systems
19.Integer programming
20.Logistics and supply chain management
21.Machine learning
23.Mixed integer programming
24.Multiobjective programming
25.Quality control and early warning systems
26.Routing, location and capacity planning
28.Semidefinite Optimization
29.Stochastic integer programming